Nutritional genetics

With nutritional genetics, we aim to create a nutritional plan based on your DNA and your needs.

In 2001 the decoding of DNA was completed and new scientific data were presented investigating the interactions of the human genome with environmental factors e.g. diet.

The DNA of each of our cells consists of 3 billion points (positions) and each point contains a specific piece of information that does not change during our lifetime. GENOSOPHY discover yourself is the only test in Europe that studies such a large number of gene loci to provide nutritional recommendations.

A balanced and healthy diet is beneficial for almost all of us. But this does not mean that we all respond in the same way or that we have the same needs. Each of us has our own unique genetic material (DNA) and our own unique lifestyle.

Thus, our daily choices, conscious or not (diet, smoking, exercise, stress, environment, etc.), are not to the same extent beneficial or burdensome for each of us. They affect and are affected by nutrition, they contribute to the availability of nutrients in the body, they are related to the emotional intake of food, they are related to a predisposition to diseases such as Obesity, Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Dyslipidemia, Metabolic Syndrome, Thrombophilia, etc. affect biological age affect athletic performance.

What is nutritional genetics?

It is the science that investigates the way our body reacts to different nutrients depending on its genetic background. According to the results of the test, we can recognize which of the characteristics we have inherited are affected by our eating habits and how we can modify them in order to have optimal results.

With the science of Nutritional Genetics we can control our body's personal ability to:

  • Lactose intolerance
  • Carbohydrate sensitivity
  • Sensitivity to saturated fat
  • Possible predisposition to celiac disease (gluten intolerance)
  • Sensitivity to coffee, alcohol and salt
  • Antioxidant capacity of the body – need for antioxidant substances through nutrition
  • Ability to fight inflammation – need for ω3 fatty acids
  • Detoxification ability – need in cruciferous vegetables
  • Need for B vitamins and vitamin D

GENOSOPHY Discover Yourself based on the latest scientific data helps you to reveal specifics of your organism to formulate in collaboration with your dietitian a diet plan that best meets your own individual needs to save time and effort with more targeted rather than empirical " seeing and doing' approach.

Through the 2.9 billion positions that man has in his genetic material, we study those that we know so far that:

  1. affect and are affected by diet
  2. contribute to the availability of nutrients in the body
  3. related to emotional food intake
  4. are related to a predisposition to diseases such as Obesity, Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Dyslipidemias, Metabolic Syndrome, Thrombophilia, etc.
  5. affect biological age
  6. affect athletic performance

Is this a new weight loss method?

Nutritional genetics is not a magic diet, but it gives us the tools and knowledge to create a personalized diet plan for weight loss. Losing weight will become easier since changes will be made in our lifestyle, putting our health as a primary goal. Specific foods according to our genes will also be useful in weight loss.

Are you one of those who metabolize carbohydrates or fat better according to your genetic profile? What are the ideal ratios you need in protein?
For example only certain people who carry a certain gene can have greater weight loss by consuming green tea. Research shows that people who did not carry the specific gene, even though they consumed green tea, did not change their weight.

How is the test done?

With a small sample of a few cells from the inside of the mouth, we provide you with that information of your genetic material that, with the help of a nutritionist in our network, enables you to improve your health by making more targeted and personalized changes in your nutritional choices.

Interpretation of results

The results will be ready in about 20 days. All the material with your results is received and you have a session with the dietician of our center in order to formulate your personalized diet plan.

Which package is right for me?

There are 4 different packages. Choose the one that suits you best.


Package 1 (Nutrogenic)

Genetic modifications are checked that make it easier for the health scientist to decide on his diet (based on information from leading scientific journals that refer to people with a corresponding genetic profile)

  1. what percentage of fat, protein, carbohydrate is best to have in his daily diet.
  2. what are the person's needs in minerals, trace elements (iron, zinc, selenium, folate, vitamins, choline, calcium) and fiber and whether they can and need to take nutritional supplements
  3. although how much coffee, salt and alcohol he can consume
  4. the inclusion of special foods in his diet which, based on research, have been found to improve the health of people with the specific genetic profile and better suit their taste preferences


  1. information is provided on genetic predisposition to obesity, the dieter's chances of regaining weight after a weight loss diet, and whether there is a genetic predisposition to developing gluten and milk intolerance
  2. genes associated with the functioning of the biological clock are tested and we propose interventions in case of a bad genetic predisposition
  3. tested genes associated with a predisposition to emotional eating

Additionally, polymorphisms that have been associated with better or worse outcome after bariatric surgery can be tested.

Pack 2 (Disease Predisposition Packs)

Genetic modifications that have been associated in the literature with

  1. thrombophilia,
  2. Type II diabetes,
  3. osteoporosis,
  4. Hypertension,
  5. Cardiovascular and
  6. Metabolic Syndrome
  7. Pharmacogenetics

and changes in the person's diet or medication are suggested to the health scientist that either increase the likelihood of better treatment of the disease (if it has occurred) or decrease the likelihood of its occurrence.

Pack 3 (Sports Pack)

Genetic modifications are checked that make it easier for the health scientist to decide for the athlete (based on information from scientific journals that refer to people with a corresponding genetic profile) whether the athlete will have higher performance in strength or endurance sports as well as which sport is better suited for people with corresponding genetic profile (our goal is the selection of a suitable sport and the correct training guidance from the coach based on the athlete's specialized capabilities-needs).


  1. genetic modifications associated with an increased likelihood of injury to tendons (e.g. Achilles tendon rupture) and bones (fractures, predisposition to osteoporosis) are detected
  2. with their genetic ability to recover (therefore, painful injuries during sports are prevented with proper training and prevention)
  3. genes that have been associated with the ability to take nutritional supplements are tested and finally
  4. genetic modifications are detected that have been associated with the psychological state (probably the athlete needs more psychological support to achieve his goals).

In addition, the athlete can find out if he has a predisposition to venous thrombosis. Especially the possible predisposition to thrombosis is important information for the doctor and requires the administration of anticoagulant treatment in case of injuries that require surgical intervention

Finally, the athlete can find out if he carries polymorphisms that are more often found in champions (specifically, we apply the Unique among unique genetic test with the aim of identifying genetic modifications that determine the predisposition for increased performance).

Package 4 (Kids' Package)

Through this package, a parent can get answers to basic questions about their child.


  1. Genetic testing to identify genetic alterations that determine predisposition to childhood obesity
  2. Genetic modifications that have been associated with a genetic predisposition to gluten and lactose intolerance are tested. c) Genes that have been associated with the child's psychological state and need for reward are tested.

In addition, a check is made that facilitates the coach in choosing a suitable sport for the child and suitable training based on correlations of better performances in people who have a corresponding genetic profile (our goal is to maximize performance and maintain the best possible physical condition)

We detect genetic modifications associated with an increased likelihood of tendon and bone injury as well as genetic modifications that predispose to faster injury recovery (our goal is to prevent painful injuries during sports with proper training and prevention).

Package 5 (Wellness and Longevity Package)

Based on the genetic profile, information is provided on whether you "carry" genes associated with longevity and longer telomeres (which are an indicator of youth and better vascular age), while at the same time genetic modifications that have been associated with increased inflammation and oxidative stress are checked and solutions are proposed for better quality of life.